Sunday, January 3, 2010

At the Turning of the Year

For many blogger-type people, it is de-rigeur to end the old year with reflections on what was, and to begin the new year with some sort of statement about what might lie ahead.

I am not actually writing this post, as it posts. Call it an "absentee post," if you will.

You see, I'm not actually home, at the moment.

Well, I am. Because I am sitting here, writing this... and it's the 27th of December. But I am not at home, as this actually posts and makes its way out into the www blogosphere.

What makes that particularly important (to me) and worthy of a old year/new year "comment," is that I have something more important to do, somewhere more important to be, someone more important to be with... more important than sitting around, writing bloggy reflections about what a year had/has to offer.

So what?

As I write these words, I am about to leave town and head to Ohio to spend the New Year with the Love of my life. And that's what's comment worthy, in this context. Whereas she is always "comment worthy," what I'm specifically looking at as comment worthy is that for the first time in my 49 years on this planet... I am going to be doing something that does not feel like a "duty call" for some major holiday.

Don't get me wrong. I have been to many New Year's parties (and other holiday celebrations)... but this marks the first time that some small part of me will not be wishing that I were somewhere else. I will be exactly where I want to be.

I suppose it "should" make me feel sad that I have not previously been where I felt like being, when I think about it... but hey, I'm not big into "shoulding" on myself.

Some journeys are very long. Life is, perhaps, the longest journey we have. Within the journey of life, there are stations along the way. And I feel like I am about to pull into a really BIG station, after a decades-long journey, ready to pause and then change trains and board on a completely new journey... many, many years in the planning.

This time, however, I will not be traveling alone.

May your journeys take you where you wish to go, during 2010!

[Edited to add: Rats! The future posting thingie didn't work. Ain't technology grand?]

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  1. 'twas a "booty call" ... (loses it)

    Okay, I'm sorry, but I have certain rights to say silly things on your posts because I am that Love Of Your Life.
    It was a marvelous New Years -- O'Neil House was a blessing and a treat. Here's to many MANY more - - always and forever.


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