Sunday, June 6, 2010

Abandoned writing, finished...

I started writing at an early age.

Perhaps I have shared this story before-- my mom bought me these blank exercise books when I was maybe six or seven years old; her hope being that I would turn out to be artistic. She wanted me to draw; to learn to "color outside the lines."

For the most part, I filled the books with words, instead. I had no talent for art, and very little interest. The only exception was drawing geometric patterns, which I much later learned were actually forms of sacred geometry, even though I had NO idea what that was... I was merely fascinated by the way an iteration of straight lines could approximate a curve, or a repeating pattern could be created. Much later, I thought to myself "I did not color inside the lines OR outside the lines... I drew the lines, THEMSELVES."

As a writer, I am easily distracted.

I start something, get going full steam, and then the phone rings. Or I have to the bathroom. Or the sun comes out after a long period of rain, and I decide I'd better go mow.

Perhaps this happens to ALL with a writing bent. I don't know. What I do know is that I tend to abandon these writings, because whatever interruption comes my way completely destroys my train of thought.

To be "A Writer" is really a practice, like meditating, or Tai-Chi. To keep up the practice, you have to do it, even on days you don't feel like it. Today, I have been looking at all those "90% done" ideas, abandoned due to distractions. Some, to be discarded. Others, to have that final little bit done, and then published. With their "original" dates... I have a silly aversion to "updating" writing, and pretending that it's new.

In a sense, it is a spring cleaning of my closet of ideas.

Stay tuned. Much "new old stuff" to come.

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